2 Low Risk Investing Strategies That Generate 20% or More Per Month

Here are two strategies that will generate low risk residual income with minimal effort.

1. Network Marketing

This is basically where you get paid a commission to recommend a company's product(s) to the everyday consumer. In everyday network marketing you get paid whenever a sale is made, but let's take this a step further. Imagine network marketing companies that do not only pay for a one time sale, but pay recurring commissions? By this I am referring to companies that pay commissions on memberships.

If you get involved with network marketing, I recommend only looking for companies that pay recurring fees on memberships or something similar. Here is an example: let's say Joe's gym has a rewards program to encourage membership referrals. Monthly membership dues at Joe's gym are $60 per month. For every person you can refer that signs up for a membership, Joe will split the membership fees with you and pay you $20. Not only will Joe pay you $20 when your friend signs up, Joe will continue to pay you $20 every time your friend pays their $60 each month.

If you can find ten friends that want to be in better health, you will have added $2,000 per month to your income stream. Do you know 10 or twenty people that would be interested in going to the gym? Or buying a book? Or taking a trip somewhere? This is network marketing in a nutshell. You find a product that you personally like and use, you tell your friends (or strangers if you're brave enough) about it, and you get paid a commission every time your friend uses the product.

Before you choose a network marketing company, make sure you do some research on the company and understand their business plan and payout structure. The big downside to this is getting wrapped up with a pyramid scheme company. True network marketing is NOT a pyramid scheme strategy. Think about 5 things you really enjoy, then find network marketing companies that offer "recurring" commissions for you to tell people about their products. It's that simple.

2. Selling options

Statistics show that 80% of options sellers make money while 80% of options buyers lose money. Being an options buyer is a VERY lucrative way to make triple digit gains (200%-300%) in a matter of hours or even minutes. I have experienced triple digit returns as an options buyer firsthand. However, I think greed, leverage and inexperience cause a lot of options buyers to lose money. As you approach retirement age, I think it is better to go with low risk options trading strategies that are stacked in your favor. With an 80% chance of success, I think being an options seller is a better investment choice in the long run. There are many people that use money received from selling options as their primary source of income. With a few mouse clicks you can be on your way to making 20% or more per month.

Stocks can only move in three basic directions, they can go up, down, or stay flat. As an options seller you can still guarantee profits if the stock moves in two out of the three directions. Profiting in the third direction will be determined by the strike price that you choose for your option. To be safe I sell options two strike prices below the current stock price for a bullish strategy, and two prices above for a bearish strategy. You receive less money, but your risk goes down... A LOT. As an options buyer you will only profit if the stock moves in one direction and by a significant amount.

If you don't have options investing as a part of your retirement strategy, get started on this now!